Frequently Asked Questions

How do I trade on
  1. Simply log-in with your Steam Account. Put items from your inventory you want to trade away, and take items from the bots inventory. When the ‘Grey Trade Button’ in between turns into ‘Blue’, you’re able to click on it, and confirm the trade.
What is 2FA? Why can I not trade?
  1. 2FA means Two-Factor-Authentication. If you're trading items from your steam inventory, steam wants you to add Two-Factor-Authentication to be safe. If you don't add 2FA to your Steam Account you will need to wait 7-14 days before the trade goes through. To avoid delays on our site you're only able to trade on if you have downloaded the Steam App and added 2FA (Two-Factor-Authentication) to your Steam Account. balance is transferable to ?
  1. No balance cannot be sent and wont be transfered to is a balance system and is considered as REAL money.
When I click ''Trade'' a blue bar appears and nothing happens?
  1. Most of the time you just have to wait a little bit, don't click away the blue bar because that will quit the trading process. If nothing happened after 1 minute please refresh your browser and try again.
Does accept item for item trades?
  1. Yes it does, it’s been made for people who don’t have pure keys or refineds, and do want to swap their items for others.
..... Is not available to trade, more information will be shown.....?
  1. Several things can cause this message. Such as: 'Trade Cooldowns', 'Trade Bans', 'Not having 2 Factor Authentication'.
I want to sell my Killstreak Item on but the price is way too low, how come?
  1. We have not been able to ‘code’ killstreak items into the website yet, it will be priced as a normal item of that kind. We advice you not to sell killstreak items to until we have coded it.
Does pay extra for paints?
  1. No, we don’t pay extra for paints, as do we not ask extra for painted items.
I have an item that says: ‘’Overstocked / Too Low / Too High / Not Accepted’’?
  1. Correctly, we do have Stock Limits on items to not get too many of the same item. Also, we’re not accepting items worth less than .05 cents, just to be sure our bots won’t be filled with crates & such. ‘Too High’ means that the item you want to add has too much of worth, which we’re not accepting yet, we might change our limit in the future. If your item is ‘Not Accepted’ it has probably been priced more than 12 months ago, which indicates an ‘old price’. We only accept prices that have been suggested in between 12 months.
What are these rates on the middle of the site?
  1. Those are the %’s we pay for items, and sell items for. For the pricing of the items we took a percentage of the price. By checking the quality/type of your item, you can see how much the % is we price it at.
I added an item from the bot, and now a lot of other items disappear from the scheme?
  1. That’s because you added an item from let’s say bot 1, and you can’t trade with multiple bots in 1 trade offer, so the other bot items from bot 2,3 and so on disappear, and only the items from bot 1 will stay.
Does pay more for parts?
  1. We don’t count parts, as do we not count paints and killstreak items. That goes for buying and selling.
I can’t click on: ‘Trade, Perform the Transaction’?
  1. That means you have added items from your inventory that are less worth than the items you’re trying to trade for. Add more value from your inventory and you’ll be able to trade.
Does accept collector’s items?
  1. No, we don’t accept them as we believe most of them are overpriced. We’ve also blocked some other overpriced items like the Vintage Earbuds. That’s just to avoid exploits.
Why is my Unusual Taunt so cheap on this site?
  1. We’ve examined the Unusual Taunt prices and we noticed that many of them are overpriced and instable. To avoid exploits the %’s we pay for Unusual Taunts are lower than other Unusuals.